Top 5 Reason why Hyderabad is the most liveable city in India

Recently, Hyderabad, the land of Nawabs, was chosen as the most livable city in India, second time in a row by Mercer’s Quality of Living Report. It does not come as a surprise because this bustling city is a haven of happiness. Hyderabad offers to its residents well connected public transport system, awesome weather, airport that offers a good range of international flights, great food, high medical and educational standards, friendly and multi-lingual residents, beautiful locations to hang out with family and friends and much more.

While there can be innumerable reasons for living in Hyderabad and loving it here, here are the top 5 reasons that have catapulted the city into the top most position among the most livable cities in India.

Fantastic Facilities

The city grew with the IT boom and has now become a prominent software hub earning itself a sobriquet, Cyberabad. Because of its new-age identity, internationally renowned companies like Bank of America, Accenture, Microsoft, Deloitte, Facebook, Motorola, Google (India’s largest campus and Asia’s largest warehouse) have set up their business here. Also, world’s second largest development centres of Amazon, Apple, Google and Uber will be set up in the city in the near future.

Hyderabad hosts high-end luxury brands like Kimaya Fashions, Burburry, Canali and Ermengildo Zegna. When it comes to cafes, eateries and watering holes - Star Bucks, Barbeque Nation, Subway, 10 Downing Street- you name it, Hyderabad has it!

The city is expanding and accommodating the change through various progressive infrastructural developments like for example, the metro. Residential and retail sector is on the boom. Billions of dollars are being invested and lakhs of direct and indirect employment opportunities are being created.

The city’s reputed international schools have made the standard of education soar many notches high. The city has grown to accommodate the need of its ever growing migrant population and locals by creating world-class facilities.


Safety is the top most priority for anyone who wishes to settle down in a city. In Hyderabad, safety of women and children in public places are comparatively higher than other big cities. Highly successful initiatives like She Team and She Cabs along with the huge number of women working at night shifts have significantly improved the safety standards in public places. The crime rates too do not pose any stiff competition to cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

Cost of Living

Be it the real estate or those daily expenses, the cost of living is a lot lesser here. Affordability is the key. You can eat out to your heart’s content and not worry about the bill. For families, this is the perfect place to settle down as your all needs are met by the city, thanks to its affordable pricing.

Less Pollution

Every city dweller dreads breathing a cocktail of poisonous gases but this has become an unavoidable bane that we have to live with. However, the pollution rates in Hyderabad is comparatively lesser, thanks to its green cover and proactive government policies.

Historic Legacy

Apart from the natural beauty of the landscape, the way of life here oozes in its historic legacy. Be it the labyrinth of narrow lanes in the old city, beautiful palaces, Nawabi cuisine, dance and musical renderings or majestic forts, they showcase the rich cultural heritage of the city. With so much to offer, the city has become a favourite place for people to settle and lead a

quality life.

What is it that has attracted you to the city? Please mention your reason below and let’s start a discussion!

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