The basics of Vaastu for your New Home

A new home is a new beginning for you and your family. Naturally, before making the big purchase a lot of research on various things pertaining to the house is required. Among them, great importance is given to the vaastu compliance of the property.

So what is Vaastu?

Vastu Shastra or the Science of architecture is a vedanga (limb of a Veda) found in Sthapatya Veda, which in turn is a part of Yajur Veda.

This monumental work provides in depth knowledge on every detail relating to architecture, right from site selection, proportion of the building , disposition of rooms to minute aspects like furniture and movable objects (vehicles for instance).

This science is based on panchabhoothas or the five elements of the earth, the magnetic field of the earth, the 8 cardinal directions and earth’s energy field. All these factors are interrelated. As the directions play an essential role in Vaastu, the later has earned a sobriquet, ‘the science of directions’. The eight primary directions symbolize eight particular things in life and the right energy in all these eight corners can really be beneficial. Therefore, by following the right vaastu guidelines you can create space for the right energy inside the house and thereby lead a happier life.

Vastu Purusha Mandala is a metaphysical square plan that illustrates how the Vastu Purusha was pinned down by the Gods. In the square, Vastu Purusha can be seen face down, with his head to the North-East and his feet to the South-West. Each of the 8 directions in the square - North, North East, East, South West, South, South East, West, and North-West has its own significance.

Vaastu Tips for your Home

Here are a few tips that you can incorporate while building and setting up your new home for prosperity to prevail in the building and your life.

The North is ruled by Kuber, the lord of wealth, and the chest of Vastu Purusha is in this direction. Having a kitchen in this area burns all the positive energy. Similarly, the direction is not ideal for store rooms, bathrooms and master bedroom. Keep the area light so that it is filled with positive energy. Having an ornamental fountain or an aquarium here is good for finances.

South is ruled by Yama (lord of death) and therefore it is not fit for anything auspicious. It is good to paint this area in a darker shade, preferably dark shades of red. Avoid mirrors as it would enhance the negative energy in the area.

East is the abode of Indra, the lord of prosperity and winner of enemies. Let there be no obstructions in this area and so avoid heavy structures like closets in this area. Pastel colours for walls are best suited, especially green and cream colours.

Varuna, the lord of water, rules the West. A bed room in the west is suited for children and guests. Couples should not occupy this room because chances of transferable jobs disrupting the peace of marriage are high.

North-East is ruled by Eesanya or Lord Shiva. A room in the north-east is ideal as a pooja room. As the head of the vaastu purusha falls here, there should be very less clutter if at all in this part of the house. Avoid heavy furniture and constructing heavy structures like pillars. Never construct fire places here.Light colour paints suit the area, especially white, yellow, and blue.

North-West is ruled by Vaayu, the lord of air. Vaastu Purusha’s stomach, spleen and rectum fall on the north-west. A room in the north-west is ideal to be used as a guest room. You may also make this your bedroom if you do not have a room in the south-west portion of the house. Also, this direction should be assigned to the toilet.

As South-East direction represents Agni, it is ideal for kitchen. It is also ruled by Parvati. If there is any defect in this corner, suffering awaits the lady of the house. This is the best place to keep all your electrical appliances. Paint the area white, yellow or blue. A tinge of red (depicting fire) in the kitchen is also good for vaastu. Avoid keeping refrigerator in the north-west corner of the kitchen.

South-West direction is occupied by Nairitya (Goddess of death) and Rahu. This direction is ideal for store rooms and for creating any heavy structure that you may have in your mind. As this direction is ruled by our ancestors their photos can be placed in this direction. South-West direction is also ruled by Kama or Cupid and therefore is ideal for master bedroom. Do not keep any mirror facing your bed. Lockers/money should face the north, headboard of your bed should face east or south and your mirror/dressing table should be kept on the eastern or northern side of the room.

We hope these simple tips make your vaastu planning easier and better. Do share with us any tips or insights you might have in mind…