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5 Tips to grow the most amazing balcony garden…

Your balcony is the coolest extension of your indoor space. Therefore, it’s important that you put your balcony to good use. Nothing beats a balcony garden in this regard. For small balconies, the goal is to bring the outdoors in. For those with larger balconies, it might become a place to sit to enjoy time in the sun with a cup of coffee and a book.

Small spaces require you to think creatively and efficiently, and it’s smart to have a clear idea of what you want before you start. Good soil, light and controlled water works can make your boring balcony the most sought after green corner of your house.

Here we share with you some simple gardening tips to make your balcony look more beautiful than ever.

1. The basics

For growing any plant, the 3 basic requirements are adequate water, good sunlight and quality soil. Do not compromise on these. For instance, your entire effort will go for a toss if you don’t use quality soil. Ensure adequate sunlight enters your balcony for at least for 3-4 hours in a day. Also, don’t forget to water your plants twice a day. Before starting, make sure that your balcony is water proofed and there are no leakages.

2. Vegetable garden in pots

You can plant almost any vegetable in containers. First try with simpler stuff like tomatoes, chili, brinjal, okra & lime. Gradually, upgrade to the difficult ones like bottle gourd, radish, carrots etc. Choose large and deep pots, avoid thin and poor quality plastic pots because they heat up quickly and drain poorly. Using normal garden soil is a bad idea for growing vegetables in pots. Instead use good quality potting mix for healthy growth of plants and productivity.

3. Hanging pots for flowers

Flower boxes can be used to give a colourful look to your balcony. You can hang these on an existing railing, or set them on the floor. Plant flowers which are low on maintenance and can grow easily in good sunlight, adequate water and fertile soil.

4. Optimize vertical space

Your main challenge is how to smartly utilize your vertical space to double up the space you have on your terrace. Make a plan. If you have walls, hang planters on it. Grow vegetable shrubs and vines like beans, squashes, gourds and tall tomato varieties near the walls and railings. This way they’ll not only get support but also grow outside and upward and you’ll save a lot of your space.

5. Reuse old shelves to grow plants

Old shelves & racks can be used to keep pots. Otherwise, buy pot holders and put them along the corners. On these you can grow herbs to improve the taste of salads and cuisines at home; you can also grow lot of flowers to for ornamental view.

There! You no longer need a yard to create a cute home-garden. With a little time & effort it is now easy to make your own sanctuary in your balcony.

Don’t forget to share with us your own tips and experiences in growing your balcony gardens.

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