Cybercity Builders is one of Hyderabad’s most sought after builders, a company known for its innovative Gated Community of residential projects such as Rainbow Vistas Rock Garden. Our recently launched Marina Skies, a 2/3 BHK luxury apartment project, is poised to be a landmark for comfort and convenience. We focus on creating living spaces where life can bloom happy and serene. We don’t build residences. We make happy homes. From the kind of natural landscaping space we allow on our premises to the kind of social activities we encourage, it’s all directed in pursuit of that happiness.

On that note, we present here a few simple tips on Feng Shui: the ancient eastern art of harmonious and happy living. These are tips you could follow to create a more balanced and harmonious environment in your home.

1. Address those squeaking doors.

The sound of a door moaning is negative and jarring and can affect your mood. Ensure the hinges are oiled so doors open smoothly and are not noisy. When entering and leaving the home, use the front door. Do not use the side doors or the garage door to the extent possible.

2. Feng Shui fountain.

A Feng Shui fountain is common in most homes. This pleasing water body is believed to add to a lot of positive energy. The best position for such as a fountain is towards the centre of the house where the water keeps flowing into the fountain creating positivity and abundance.

3. Check your water wastage

People are often concerned about the bathrooms and Feng Shui. Considering that water exits the home here, a thought similar to wealth being flushed away. A simple way to minimize the negative effects is by keeping the toilet seat cover down and the bathroom door closed when not in use.

4. Position of bed

The bed is by far the most important piece of furniture and it is recommended to place this appropriately in the bedroom. The bed is ideally placed diagonally across the room in such a way that it is not in line with the bedroom door. You could also use a mirror and place it in such a way that the door is seen from the bed.

5. Cover your T.V. Screens

The other important thing is the television. It is a good idea to cover the television when not in use a colourful scarf or fabric may be used to cover it, preventing it from dust and also reflecting the surrounding ambience.

6. Keep your windows clean

Another important Feng Shui recommendation is to clean the windows. It is important that our homes display an energy that is vibrant and positive. Clean the windows and use a fragrance oil or mild incense so that the ambience is energetic and positive.

7. Greener Kitchen

It is acknowledged as good Feng Shui if there is no space above the upper kitchen cabinets, a space that attracts dust and stagnant energy. It is said that the chi gets blocked here and creates dead energy contributing to negativity in one’s life. If there is a space, it is recommended to place some lighting, green plants or beautiful objects in this location. These will transform the energy and create a more positive environment.

These simple tips will surely ensure your home is energetic and positive.

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