Gated Community – More than just a fad…

Why gated communities? What is so special about them? Why prefer a home in a gated community than anywhere else in city?

These are some questions our residents once asked us. These are questions that reveal the best things about any gated community. So here they are: the answers, and some perspective on how they matter. Here’s a quick look at the many blisses of gated communities.

The focus now

Gated communities were a rising novelty once. The focus now is different. As builders, we are looking further and planning bigger now. The focus is not on isolated residences. The objective now is to develop habitats. Complete with sustainable features and amenities that go beyond the usual.

The big picture

They say you can’t choose the whole world. Well, they are wrong.

In a gated community, you get to choose the whole neighbourhood. Imagine that. It’s not just your home that you select. You choose entire neighbourhoods. You decide where to stay, what kind of nature and urban balance you like, what kind of facilities you want on campus… This is the big picture. With a gated community, you don’t buy a house. You buy a whole part of town. Sometimes, entire cities. There are gated communities that offer villas exclusively. There are the ones that offer a mix of apartments and row houses. There are communities themed on exotic natural settings. There are ones themed on leisure and calm. You never get these many choices with an isolated apartment or house.

In, and also out.

Right at the heart of the happening city, gated communities offer the charm of country living. You have Balinese villas, Lakeside Luxury high rises, Continental architectures, so on and so forth. Gated communities are essentially mini cities built from the first block with a plan in hand, so you can expect all those fabulous choices. With isolated homes, you cannot. Pollution, crowd and depleted public infrastructure never bother you in a gated community. Water, power, greenery and space problems are no longer yours.

Today and tomorrow.

Gated communities offer sustainable habitats. That’s the best thing they offer. Since these are habitats build from well thought out plans, unlike most cities that just grew out of random socioeconomic shifts, gated communities are future ready. And this reflects in your ROI. It is always more lucrative to revalue a piece of property that sits in a prim gated community than an isolated one that hangs by itself in some neighbourhood. Also, neighbourhoods change. You have no control on how your neighbourhood will change in five years. But with a gated community, you know that central park of yours will be there forever. It won’t be gulped by a shopping mall. This control over the future is a great thing that only gated communities can offer.

Community is the core.

Community is the best part of gated communities. You have people from all over. Since gated communities are most popular in metropolises, you get a healthy and vibrant mix of cultures. Children grow up with better sense of community and people have a richer life. Also, the question of security is never an issue in a gated community. It’s an abode of celebrations and jubilations.

That was a bit to ready you about gated community living. Enjoy your weekend. Ciao for now.

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