Buying a new house is like choosing a partner for life. So being confused about it is inevitable. And that’s alright! What’s not alright is a pre-mature decision.

Now we all know that location is a real deal-breaker, because nobody wants commute to eat into whatever time they have left after a hard day at work. In short, HITEC City is one of the best choices one could make in terms of investing in a house. It’s where diverse industries converge; it’s where work and life cruise along in perfect balance; it’s where a day begins with a new opportunity and ends with a great reward.

And we have 6 more reasons:

A hub for IT Parks :

HITEC City is a foundation for giants like Google, L&T, Infocity, Mindspace IT Park, RMZ Futura IT Park, etc., employing over 3.5 lakh people who prefer homes close to their workplace. Marina Skies is only a brief, breezy drive away from the hub. Designed by Hafeez Contractor, the homes at Marina Skies are so peaceful, they’ll take you far away from the bustle, although you’d be physically close.

High ROI

HITEC City is the most preferred destination for commerce and residence; not because people just followed each other; but because it returns more than it takes, no matter how many seeds are sown. In fact, the residents at Cybercity’s Rainbow Vistas and Rainbow Vistas Rock Garden have almost doubled their investment already. And then there are returns beyond financial returns.

Convergence of Cultures :

People from all walks of life, from all diverse landscapes of India, meet at HITEC City because it’s where dreams meet reality. And of course, most decide to settle here because it just can’t get any better. The best International Schools, Hospitals, Cultural Centres and all else you need for a lifestyle that’s unmatched. Cybercity’s Marina Skies is so close to all this, it’s almost like, a stage was being set for this project to arrive.

Ever Improving Infrastructure :

If you paint a picture of HITEC City in 2020 OR 2022, you will be able to visualize many new flyovers, subways, widened roads, new retail destinations, new metro corridors amongst many other world-class facilities which are important infrastructure for today’s modern lifestyle and it’s all happening at HITEC City. You just have to make sure your home also figures in that marvellous sketch of HITEC City skyline.

Easy Accessibility :

HITEC City is well connected with all the major roads, highways and transit networks in Hyderabad. This amazing connectivity has given momentum to many multi-national corporations, real estate players, commercial establishments and lifestyle destinations, and has lured people not just from India, but also abroad into making this their permanent address.

Marina Skies :

Walk in for a tour of the site and the model apartment, and you’ll know why there is no better option. Here’s where all the elements of nature and also the sixth element of progress make a perfect concoction of unforgettable experiences. It’s yours to have. So why wait?

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