The heart, of course, is the best place to live in. The second best place to snuggle is certainly a lovely house. So if owning a special ‘designer home’ is what you have on your mind; we must meet. But first, let’s talk. What comes to your mind when we say, ‘designer home’? Without a doubt, it’s much more than the things that just occurred to you.
A designer home isn’t just a great layout with great interiors; it’s a wonderful amalgamation of diverse elements which seem incredible in isolation and equally incredible when seen as a unit. A designer home is where you find abundant natural air, light and space so you can happily and peacefully lead a well-balanced life. And that’s exactly what Marina Skies is all about. A designer home at the heart of Hyderabad, minutes away from anything and everything you aspire.There’s no point buying a house which is located far away from Hyderabad’s city life. Yes, we all want to unwind in some silence, but moving to the outskirts is not the answer. The commute will get to you. The tiresome conveyance from your living room to the office conference room will become an everyday nightmare. Just one more reason why the designer homes at Marina Skies are just a perfect idea for a great urban life.
Speaking of property aesthetics, Marina Skies is a masterpiece by Master Architect Hafeez Contractor. Every a perfect fusion of art and science. The imposing architecture rises up to G+31 storeys making the floating clouds and even the sky seem so near. When you’re on your balcony with your favourite beverage, the panoramic view of the city will be a treat to watch. You’ll feel proud of your elevated lifestyle each moment. And the picturesque lake in the neighbourhood will be an everyday icing on the cake.
Marina Skies is a contemporary yet calming canvas built for like-minded people; for a constellation of dreamers who don’t believe in compromises. We can continue, but a personal conversation would be even better. Come discover Marina Skies and rediscover yourself.