Cybercity Builders is one of Hyderabad’s most sought after builders, a company known for its innovative Gated Community of residential projects such as Rainbow Vistas Rock Garden. Our recently launched Marina Skies, a 2/3 BHK luxury apartment project, is poised to be a landmark for comfort and convenience. We focus on creating living spaces where life can bloom happy and serene. We don’t build residences. We make happy homes. From the kind of natural landscaping space we allow on our premises to the kind of social activities we encourage, it’s all directed in pursuit of that happiness.

On that note, we present here a few simple tips on Feng Shui: the ancient eastern art of harmonious and happy living. These are tips you could follow to create a more balanced and harmonious environment in your home.

1. Address those squeaking doors.

The sound of a door moaning is negative and jarring and can affect your mood. Ensure the hinges are oiled so doors open smoothly and are not noisy. When entering and leaving the home, use the front door. Do not use the side doors or the garage door to the extent possible.

2. Feng Shui fountain.

A Feng Shui fountain is common in most homes. This pleasing water body is believed to add to a lot of positive energy. The best position for such as a fountain is towards the centre of the house where the water keeps flowing into the fountain creating positivity and abundance.

3. Check your water wastage

People are often concerned about the bathrooms and Feng Shui. Considering that water exits the home here, a thought similar to wealth being flushed away. A simple way to minimize the negative effects is by keeping the toilet seat cover down and the bathroom door closed when not in use.

4. Position of bed

The bed is by far the most important piece of furniture and it is recommended to place this appropriately in the bedroom. The bed is ideally placed diagonally across the room in such a way that it is not in line with the bedroom door. You could also use a mirror and place it in such a way that the door is seen from the bed.

5. Cover your T.V. Screens

The other important thing is the television. It is a good idea to cover the television when not in use a colourful scarf or fabric may be used to cover it, preventing it from dust and also reflecting the surrounding ambience.

6. Keep your windows clean

Another important Feng Shui recommendation is to clean the windows. It is important that our homes display an energy that is vibrant and positive. Clean the windows and use a fragrance oil or mild incense so that the ambience is energetic and positive.

7. Greener Kitchen

It is acknowledged as good Feng Shui if there is no space above the upper kitchen cabinets, a space that attracts dust and stagnant energy. It is said that the chi gets blocked here and creates dead energy contributing to negativity in one’s life. If there is a space, it is recommended to place some lighting, green plants or beautiful objects in this location. These will transform the energy and create a more positive environment.

These simple tips will surely ensure your home is energetic and positive.

5 Tips to grow the most amazing balcony garden…

Your balcony is the coolest extension of your indoor space. Therefore, it’s important that you put your balcony to good use. Nothing beats a balcony garden in this regard. For small balconies, the goal is to bring the outdoors in. For those with larger balconies, it might become a place to sit to enjoy time in the sun with a cup of coffee and a book.

Small spaces require you to think creatively and efficiently, and it’s smart to have a clear idea of what you want before you start. Good soil, light and controlled water works can make your boring balcony the most sought after green corner of your house.

Here we share with you some simple gardening tips to make your balcony look more beautiful than ever.

1. The basics

For growing any plant, the 3 basic requirements are adequate water, good sunlight and quality soil. Do not compromise on these. For instance, your entire effort will go for a toss if you don’t use quality soil. Ensure adequate sunlight enters your balcony for at least for 3-4 hours in a day. Also, don’t forget to water your plants twice a day. Before starting, make sure that your balcony is water proofed and there are no leakages.

2. Vegetable garden in pots

You can plant almost any vegetable in containers. First try with simpler stuff like tomatoes, chili, brinjal, okra & lime. Gradually, upgrade to the difficult ones like bottle gourd, radish, carrots etc. Choose large and deep pots, avoid thin and poor quality plastic pots because they heat up quickly and drain poorly. Using normal garden soil is a bad idea for growing vegetables in pots. Instead use good quality potting mix for healthy growth of plants and productivity.

3. Hanging pots for flowers

Flower boxes can be used to give a colourful look to your balcony. You can hang these on an existing railing, or set them on the floor. Plant flowers which are low on maintenance and can grow easily in good sunlight, adequate water and fertile soil.

4. Optimize vertical space

Your main challenge is how to smartly utilize your vertical space to double up the space you have on your terrace. Make a plan. If you have walls, hang planters on it. Grow vegetable shrubs and vines like beans, squashes, gourds and tall tomato varieties near the walls and railings. This way they’ll not only get support but also grow outside and upward and you’ll save a lot of your space.

5. Reuse old shelves to grow plants

Old shelves & racks can be used to keep pots. Otherwise, buy pot holders and put them along the corners. On these you can grow herbs to improve the taste of salads and cuisines at home; you can also grow lot of flowers to for ornamental view.

There! You no longer need a yard to create a cute home-garden. With a little time & effort it is now easy to make your own sanctuary in your balcony.

Don’t forget to share with us your own tips and experiences in growing your balcony gardens.

10 Ways to make your home more spacious

No matter how generous your home's square footage is, chances are, at some point it will seem like the walls are closing in on you. The reasons can be numerous but the result is the same - your room will appear smaller.

Furniture configuration is the first thing to consider, but colour palette, furnishings and other décor elements can really lift the impact in a small living zone. So today, here are 10 home designing tips that will make your home look more spacious.

1. Trick the senses

Just like pinstripe pants make your legs seem longer, a striped floor will make a room appear to go on for miles. Use an oversize mirror to enhance the effect. See-through furniture such as glass-topped tables will also give the impression.

2. Create unity.

It’s worth having a few furniture pieces in the same color palette as the walls. Even large items, such as these matching armchairs, will then blend into the room, visually enlarging the space.

3. Hang a mirror.

In close quarters, a large mirror creates the illusion of space. Not only does it draw the eye up, it bounces light around the room, making any space appear larger and brighter. Pay attention to the framing. For example, the length of the mirror should match the size of the sofa, creating a beautiful symmetry.

4. Make a statement with Paint

The lighter your walls, the better. While darker paint colours do make a room seem cozy, they often give the illusion of less space. The reason: Light colours reflect and enhance light, while dark colours absorb it. To make a room feel airy paint it white, beige, light grayish-blue and lavender.

5. Opt for storage furniture

Dual-use furniture creates more room by increasing the function of each space. For example, an entryway bench with storage space is the perfect perch for putting on shoes as well as a convenient spot to stow the things you usually forget on your way out the door, like reusable grocery bags, and seasonal accessories, such as umbrellas.

6. Try built-in furniture

The built-in furniture ensures that no space is wasted. The cabinetry provides storage space with minimum maintenance cost and looks blended with the wall.

7. Clear out clutter

This is the simplest, cheapest thing you can do - remove and reduce clutter. It will be much easier to keep a room tidy and clutter-free if there's a place for everything.

8. Edit your collections

Less really is more. You simply cannot display everything you own and love. Instead of showcasing all of your ceramic vases, divide the collection into four groups and rotate in a new set every season. The individual pieces will appear more dramatic if they're not lost among the masses. Opt for a single, statement-making piece instead.

9. Upgrade your lighting

Dont't rely on overhead fixtures, which pool light in one spot. Try to have several lighting elements in every room. They draw the eye around, giving the illusion more space. To take advantage of natural light during the daytime, do away with heavy drapes.

10. Take advantage of vertical space

Use your rooms to their full potential with one-of-a-kind shelving units that reach from floor to ceiling. Custom storage also helps you maximize out-of-the-way nooks, like the area under a flight of stairs.

Hope our tips help you to redesign your home and make it look bigger, better, brighter and cosier. All the best.

The basics of Vaastu for your New Home

A new home is a new beginning for you and your family. Naturally, before making the big purchase a lot of research on various things pertaining to the house is required. Among them, great importance is given to the vaastu compliance of the property.

So what is Vaastu?

Vastu Shastra or the Science of architecture is a vedanga (limb of a Veda) found in Sthapatya Veda, which in turn is a part of Yajur Veda.

This monumental work provides in depth knowledge on every detail relating to architecture, right from site selection, proportion of the building , disposition of rooms to minute aspects like furniture and movable objects (vehicles for instance).

This science is based on panchabhoothas or the five elements of the earth, the magnetic field of the earth, the 8 cardinal directions and earth’s energy field. All these factors are interrelated. As the directions play an essential role in Vaastu, the later has earned a sobriquet, ‘the science of directions’. The eight primary directions symbolize eight particular things in life and the right energy in all these eight corners can really be beneficial. Therefore, by following the right vaastu guidelines you can create space for the right energy inside the house and thereby lead a happier life.

Vastu Purusha Mandala is a metaphysical square plan that illustrates how the Vastu Purusha was pinned down by the Gods. In the square, Vastu Purusha can be seen face down, with his head to the North-East and his feet to the South-West. Each of the 8 directions in the square - North, North East, East, South West, South, South East, West, and North-West has its own significance.

Vaastu Tips for your Home

Here are a few tips that you can incorporate while building and setting up your new home for prosperity to prevail in the building and your life.

The North is ruled by Kuber, the lord of wealth, and the chest of Vastu Purusha is in this direction. Having a kitchen in this area burns all the positive energy. Similarly, the direction is not ideal for store rooms, bathrooms and master bedroom. Keep the area light so that it is filled with positive energy. Having an ornamental fountain or an aquarium here is good for finances.

South is ruled by Yama (lord of death) and therefore it is not fit for anything auspicious. It is good to paint this area in a darker shade, preferably dark shades of red. Avoid mirrors as it would enhance the negative energy in the area.

East is the abode of Indra, the lord of prosperity and winner of enemies. Let there be no obstructions in this area and so avoid heavy structures like closets in this area. Pastel colours for walls are best suited, especially green and cream colours.

Varuna, the lord of water, rules the West. A bed room in the west is suited for children and guests. Couples should not occupy this room because chances of transferable jobs disrupting the peace of marriage are high.

North-East is ruled by Eesanya or Lord Shiva. A room in the north-east is ideal as a pooja room. As the head of the vaastu purusha falls here, there should be very less clutter if at all in this part of the house. Avoid heavy furniture and constructing heavy structures like pillars. Never construct fire places here.Light colour paints suit the area, especially white, yellow, and blue.

North-West is ruled by Vaayu, the lord of air. Vaastu Purusha’s stomach, spleen and rectum fall on the north-west. A room in the north-west is ideal to be used as a guest room. You may also make this your bedroom if you do not have a room in the south-west portion of the house. Also, this direction should be assigned to the toilet.

As South-East direction represents Agni, it is ideal for kitchen. It is also ruled by Parvati. If there is any defect in this corner, suffering awaits the lady of the house. This is the best place to keep all your electrical appliances. Paint the area white, yellow or blue. A tinge of red (depicting fire) in the kitchen is also good for vaastu. Avoid keeping refrigerator in the north-west corner of the kitchen.

South-West direction is occupied by Nairitya (Goddess of death) and Rahu. This direction is ideal for store rooms and for creating any heavy structure that you may have in your mind. As this direction is ruled by our ancestors their photos can be placed in this direction. South-West direction is also ruled by Kama or Cupid and therefore is ideal for master bedroom. Do not keep any mirror facing your bed. Lockers/money should face the north, headboard of your bed should face east or south and your mirror/dressing table should be kept on the eastern or northern side of the room.

We hope these simple tips make your vaastu planning easier and better. Do share with us any tips or insights you might have in mind…

Choosing the right home

Once you've decided on buying a home for the family, comes the bigger challenge - which location and what kind of home to buy. As you go about doing your due diligence, you will be faced with a plethora of choices, each more confusing than the other - discounts, offers, visible and notional advantages, claims and tall claims... not to mention peers, well-wishers knowledgeable and otherwise offering inputs. It is here that you need to decide on what is right for you from today's and the future perspective. Here are a few broad inputs to help you take an informed decision.

1. Why Hyderabad:

Hyderabad today offers several attractive options for those looking for a home. After a short period of confusion post the reorganization of states, the real estate scenario has stabilized in the city. The city’s infrastructure development including the Hyderabad Metro Rail project will attract investors considering that the city’s important residential and commercial sectors would be better connected and decongest road traffic.

2. Current Market Senario:

The other aspect in favour of the city is the low cost of living it offers when compared with other Indian metros considering the job opportunities, healthcare, education, social infrastructure and connectivity it offers. Google, Microsoft, Genpact, Accenture and Facebook have a strong presence in Hyderabad and the last two years has seen a steady growth in demand for office space with leading players like Uber, CDK Global, Amazon, Deloitte, JP Morgan, Qualcomm, Hyundai Mobis and UHG taking up office space. The city houses several leading schools including Gitanjali, NASR Oakridge, Cherek, Future Kids, Niraj International and DPS. Reputed institutes of higher learning include colleges like ISB, Symbiosis, ICFAI, IIT-Hyderabad and NMIS.

3. The Locations:

On the residential property front, the western corridor consisting of Gachibowli, Narsingi, Kokapet, Tellapur and Manikonda are experiencing brisk growth with Madhapur and Gachibowli in demand for commercial space as well. Other emerging areas are Kukatpally, Nanakramguda and Kompally.


strong>4. Decide on Key Parameters:

So while deciding on a home, of course budget comes first. Then comes location. Consider a location that offers excellent-connectivity to your place of work, education institutions, hospitals, centres of recreation etc. proximity plays a key role considering that you need to save travel time and money on destinations you need to commute to regularly. This aspect needs to be considered from an immediate requirement perspective and also a future perspective – for ex., kids getting to college, regular medical care for parents etc. For ex., would a 2 bedroom suffice or would you need a 3 bedroom home. Do you prefer all bedrooms to be on the first floor or 1 has to be in the ground floor if you are going for a duplex type of property.

5. Choose wisely:

Reputation of the builder is crucial considering that you are investing your life’s saving to create what would possibly your most valuable asset. Check thoroughly to ensure the builder's track record, reputation, other projects, quality, schedules, legality etc. Titles must be absolutely clear. Do ensure that each document is authentic, plans are approved and deviations if any are within permissible limits. All paperwork must be in place - certifications, clearances, approvals and certificates. Insist on them and do not compromise on these whatsoever. As for the construction, the building has to be of good quality - materials used must be from reputed vendors, fittings and accessories must be from good brands and would be as promised.

Get complete clarity on the payment terms and deliverables with clearly defined timelines. Be clear on aspects associated with floor area, car parking, deposits etc. and ensure there are no hidden charges or unpleasant surprises later.

6. Make an informed decisions:

Take your time, make enquires, check with friends and well-wishers (up to a point!), list out your immediate/ future requirements and then make an informed decision that would enable you to decide on a home that helps you lead a life of comfort.

Please do share with us your experiences of buying right home. Let’s start a healthy discussion.

Why Buy Property in Hyderabad?

In the past, people’s home buying decisions in a particular city were mostly influenced by their long term plans to settle in the city. However, home buying these days is looked into more as a low risk, high return investment option. Now, if you’re considering investing in real estate in a particular city, you would want to take into account the growth scenario in the said city, while minimizing the amount of spend attending to the property. In order to accomplish this, you need to make some smart choices upfront when buying investment-property, beginning with the choice of the city. Today, we bring to you Top 5 reasons why you must consider Hyderabad as one of the best Realty buying cities around.

  • 1.Correction in market:

    The Hyderabad Market is finally seeing a correction, leaving behind the bad times, reveals reputed real estate consultancy Knight Frank India’s latest report. “The demand for housing segment outstripped supply in Hyderabad in the second half of 2015. As a result, the unsold inventory has decreased. Even office market is in a consolidation mode as the demand for office space also rose in the city. As a whole, the unsold inventory in Hyderabad market has been unwinding, which shows the city realty is on a path of correction,” said Vasudevan Iyer, director of Knight Frank, Hyderabad.

    According to the report, Hyderabad office market shifted gears in second half of 2015 by absorbing 3.1 million sq. ft., posting the strongest half-yearly absorption numbers in its history. The reason for growth in office space absorption is that many MNCs see Hyderabad as a commercial and IT office space hub which provides quality space at cheaper prices.

  • 2.Investment by Major MNCs in Hyderabad :

    Many reputed MNCs like Google, Qualcomm, Salesforce and JP Morgan have acquired large chunks of office space here. Though the situation in the residential market is not as positive as in office space segment, steady demand during last 18 months does point to a possible improvement in residential market fundamentals in coming months. With vacancy levels reducing, even the rental segment is set to witness a growth, much to the relief of property owners and investors in the city.

  • 3.Political stability and government initiatives :

    Political stability and government initiatives have infused a positive sentiment into the Hyderabad real estate market. Residential markets across Hyderabad witnessed a gradual phase of recovery after a long drawn political unrest which culminated into the creation of Telangana. Weak sentiments had dented the markets for over three years till the bifurcation of the state, leading to an over-supply situation across the city as buyers stayed away during this time of uncertainty. This situation is changing with more MNCs buying large chunks of office space in the city.

  • 4.Excellent Infrastructure

    The development of Metro with its proposed commencement in a year’s time and other infrastructure projects such as radial roads, inner ring road, outer ring road and availability of Grade-A offices at comparatively lower prices than those in Bangalore and Pune is a benefitting factor for residential real estate in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is to witness soon 20 multi-level fly-overs in the city very soon.

  • 5.Affordable Prices

    Prices of residential real estate prices in Hyderabad are yet to regain their peak values. It is currently in a consolidation phase, with properties available at attractive valuations. Buyers are increasingly focusing on acquiring properties in the western part of the city (in the proximity of financial district and the IT Hub). It is expected that demand will be higher in the INR 3,000 - 4,000 per sq. ft. segment as majority of them lie along the metro rail corridor and enquiries have been significantly higher for such locations.

With so much of growth and development happening in the city, Hyderabad has once again become one of the most preferred places for investment in real estate in India. By the way, are you investing in Hyderabad? What is it that has attracted you to invest in the city? Please share your reason with us here and let’s get talking!

Top 5 Reason why Hyderabad is the most liveable city in India

Recently, Hyderabad, the land of Nawabs, was chosen as the most livable city in India, second time in a row by Mercer’s Quality of Living Report. It does not come as a surprise because this bustling city is a haven of happiness. Hyderabad offers to its residents well connected public transport system, awesome weather, airport that offers a good range of international flights, great food, high medical and educational standards, friendly and multi-lingual residents, beautiful locations to hang out with family and friends and much more.

While there can be innumerable reasons for living in Hyderabad and loving it here, here are the top 5 reasons that have catapulted the city into the top most position among the most livable cities in India.

Fantastic Facilities

The city grew with the IT boom and has now become a prominent software hub earning itself a sobriquet, Cyberabad. Because of its new-age identity, internationally renowned companies like Bank of America, Accenture, Microsoft, Deloitte, Facebook, Motorola, Google (India’s largest campus and Asia’s largest warehouse) have set up their business here. Also, world’s second largest development centres of Amazon, Apple, Google and Uber will be set up in the city in the near future.

Hyderabad hosts high-end luxury brands like Kimaya Fashions, Burburry, Canali and Ermengildo Zegna. When it comes to cafes, eateries and watering holes - Star Bucks, Barbeque Nation, Subway, 10 Downing Street- you name it, Hyderabad has it!

The city is expanding and accommodating the change through various progressive infrastructural developments like for example, the metro. Residential and retail sector is on the boom. Billions of dollars are being invested and lakhs of direct and indirect employment opportunities are being created.

The city’s reputed international schools have made the standard of education soar many notches high. The city has grown to accommodate the need of its ever growing migrant population and locals by creating world-class facilities.


Safety is the top most priority for anyone who wishes to settle down in a city. In Hyderabad, safety of women and children in public places are comparatively higher than other big cities. Highly successful initiatives like She Team and She Cabs along with the huge number of women working at night shifts have significantly improved the safety standards in public places. The crime rates too do not pose any stiff competition to cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

Cost of Living

Be it the real estate or those daily expenses, the cost of living is a lot lesser here. Affordability is the key. You can eat out to your heart’s content and not worry about the bill. For families, this is the perfect place to settle down as your all needs are met by the city, thanks to its affordable pricing.

Less Pollution

Every city dweller dreads breathing a cocktail of poisonous gases but this has become an unavoidable bane that we have to live with. However, the pollution rates in Hyderabad is comparatively lesser, thanks to its green cover and proactive government policies.

Historic Legacy

Apart from the natural beauty of the landscape, the way of life here oozes in its historic legacy. Be it the labyrinth of narrow lanes in the old city, beautiful palaces, Nawabi cuisine, dance and musical renderings or majestic forts, they showcase the rich cultural heritage of the city. With so much to offer, the city has become a favourite place for people to settle and lead a

quality life.

What is it that has attracted you to the city? Please mention your reason below and let’s start a discussion!