The heart, of course, is the best place to live in. The second best place to snuggle is certainly a lovely house. So if owning a special ‘designer home’ is what you have on your mind; we must meet. But first, let’s talk. What comes to your mind when we say, ‘designer home’? Without a doubt, it’s much more than the things that just occurred to you.
A designer home isn’t just a great layout with great interiors; it’s a wonderful amalgamation of diverse elements which seem incredible in isolation and equally incredible when seen as a unit. A designer home is where you find abundant natural air, light and space so you can happily and peacefully lead a well-balanced life. And that’s exactly what Marina Skies is all about. A designer home at the heart of Hyderabad, minutes away from anything and everything you aspire.There’s no point buying a house which is located far away from Hyderabad’s city life. Yes, we all want to unwind in some silence, but moving to the outskirts is not the answer. The commute will get to you. The tiresome conveyance from your living room to the office conference room will become an everyday nightmare. Just one more reason why the designer homes at Marina Skies are just a perfect idea for a great urban life.
Speaking of property aesthetics, Marina Skies is a masterpiece by Master Architect Hafeez Contractor. Every a perfect fusion of art and science. The imposing architecture rises up to G+31 storeys making the floating clouds and even the sky seem so near. When you’re on your balcony with your favourite beverage, the panoramic view of the city will be a treat to watch. You’ll feel proud of your elevated lifestyle each moment. And the picturesque lake in the neighbourhood will be an everyday icing on the cake.
Marina Skies is a contemporary yet calming canvas built for like-minded people; for a constellation of dreamers who don’t believe in compromises. We can continue, but a personal conversation would be even better. Come discover Marina Skies and rediscover yourself.


Buying a new house is like choosing a partner for life. So being confused about it is inevitable. And that’s alright! What’s not alright is a pre-mature decision.

Now we all know that location is a real deal-breaker, because nobody wants commute to eat into whatever time they have left after a hard day at work. In short, HITEC City is one of the best choices one could make in terms of investing in a house. It’s where diverse industries converge; it’s where work and life cruise along in perfect balance; it’s where a day begins with a new opportunity and ends with a great reward.

And we have 6 more reasons:

A hub for IT Parks :

HITEC City is a foundation for giants like Google, L&T, Infocity, Mindspace IT Park, RMZ Futura IT Park, etc., employing over 3.5 lakh people who prefer homes close to their workplace. Marina Skies is only a brief, breezy drive away from the hub. Designed by Hafeez Contractor, the homes at Marina Skies are so peaceful, they’ll take you far away from the bustle, although you’d be physically close.

High ROI

HITEC City is the most preferred destination for commerce and residence; not because people just followed each other; but because it returns more than it takes, no matter how many seeds are sown. In fact, the residents at Cybercity’s Rainbow Vistas and Rainbow Vistas Rock Garden have almost doubled their investment already. And then there are returns beyond financial returns.

Convergence of Cultures :

People from all walks of life, from all diverse landscapes of India, meet at HITEC City because it’s where dreams meet reality. And of course, most decide to settle here because it just can’t get any better. The best International Schools, Hospitals, Cultural Centres and all else you need for a lifestyle that’s unmatched. Cybercity’s Marina Skies is so close to all this, it’s almost like, a stage was being set for this project to arrive.

Ever Improving Infrastructure :

If you paint a picture of HITEC City in 2020 OR 2022, you will be able to visualize many new flyovers, subways, widened roads, new retail destinations, new metro corridors amongst many other world-class facilities which are important infrastructure for today’s modern lifestyle and it’s all happening at HITEC City. You just have to make sure your home also figures in that marvellous sketch of HITEC City skyline.

Easy Accessibility :

HITEC City is well connected with all the major roads, highways and transit networks in Hyderabad. This amazing connectivity has given momentum to many multi-national corporations, real estate players, commercial establishments and lifestyle destinations, and has lured people not just from India, but also abroad into making this their permanent address.

Marina Skies :

Walk in for a tour of the site and the model apartment, and you’ll know why there is no better option. Here’s where all the elements of nature and also the sixth element of progress make a perfect concoction of unforgettable experiences. It’s yours to have. So why wait?


Cybercity Marina Skies is the best bet in Hitech city.

We start this blog with a simple question that we dealt during our fourth grade. What is the percentage of land versus water on this planet earth? Remember? Any guesses? Hmmmm? Well, as seen from the space, the majority of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans- 71% water, with the remaining 29% for land. Yes, only 29% of land for the world population of 7.6 billion (As on Dec 2017). So there was, there is and there will always be a deficit of land required versus land available for us.

Talking of land and its demand –supply back home in Hyderabad is equally interesting. We will talk about profitable investment options in real estate, Return on Investment (ROI), various governmental& socio-economic factors affecting Return on Investment (ROI) and more. Don’t worry; we will not use high-funda calculations, economic jargons to explain the economic profitability of investment with us.

Hyderabad- the city of pearls is really shining bright as it is slowly overtaking Bengaluru as the IT hub in India. The world’s top notch IT and non-IT brands have either opened their offices in Hyderabad or are about to do so. The present government is going great guns with various mega projects like Textile Parks, Hardware Parks, IT Parks and more. It recently inaugurated the Metro Rail services connecting the sub-urban areas to the main city. The second air Terminal, the Shamshabad International Airport is here. Hyderabad’s growth graphis moving north, huge scale of qualified manpower is reaching Hyderabad. They will work and settle down. So demand- supply gap of new homes in Hitech area will be bullish.

With the introduction of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) by the Telangana state,the entire real estate landscape will reshape for the better. It willbring in increased stability, accountability, and transparency in the real estate sector. This will eliminate shady deals and infuse confidence in home buyers.

There will be a gradual increase in the concept of community living, location will be a pivotal factor, and amenities list will expand to include premium facilities as regular. The housing loans will become more buyer-friendly, lots of attention will be given to open space, environment, natural bodies, lakes, security, quality of construction, and re-sale value of the property, premium apartments by reputed builders will matter more than ever.The buyers will become very conscious about the builder choice, buyers will seek more accountability from builders, personalized relationship, testimonial, and reference will be more credible than high decibel ads.

Locations near Hitec City will be ideal option for long term residential purposes with its close proximity to various lifestyle and shopping destinations, healthcare, education, green parks and more. These new places, home to international MNCs and the best IT companies in the world are boosting the real estate presence in Hitech City.

Let’s review the capital appreciation of 2 of our finished projects right from the inception to the handover stage. The dare bare numbers will all the talking about the credibility and profitability of our past and proposed projects.





Rs. 2000FOUNDATION: Rs. 2200 STILT: Rs. 2600 STRUCTURE: Rs. 3000


Rs. 3500 HANDOVER: Rs. 4000




2500FOUNDATION: 2800 STILT: 3000 STRUCTURE: 3500


4000 HANDOVER: 4999


Marina Skies is Hyderabad’s latest landmark lifestyle – apartment created by Master Architect Hafeez Contractor. It’s a G + 31 storeys tall, flanked by lakes meant for cosmopolitan class of home buyers. Its minutes away from Hitec City and nestled amidst the serenity of nature, high rise towers taking to the clouds and balconies overlooking the lakes. It compliments your height of success.

2 & 3 BHK Luxury Apartments.

2 Towers - 1240 Flats.

18 Sizes from 1160 Sft. - 2340 Sft.

18 Flat Types.


Rs. 4100 FOUNDATION: Rs. 4650



As expected and based on our previous consistent ROI, the investment in Marina Skies will reward the buyers with more than expected. Shall we meet over coffee after the site tour?


The last word for 3bhk luxury apartments in Kukatpally

If owning a 3bhk luxury flat in Kukatpally, Hyderabad is in your mind, then don’t let this blog out of your mind. Here, you will find a very interesting write-up of all the amenities a world-class 3bhk luxury flat should offer. Let’s begin with a real understanding of the concept of amenities. We don’t know about others, but, we offer only those amenities which are genuinely essential, useful and will make your everyday personal and professional life pampered.


“Health is wealth”. Remember this proverb? This was our guiding philosophy while deciding health amenities for all owners of our 3bhk luxury apartments in Kukatpally. We have built a host of amenities that are remarkably world-class and will be a deciding factor towards your well-being. Let’s elaborate.

Separate lap, family, kid's and toddler's swimming areas

Badminton, Tennis and Squash courts to hone your racquet skills

Connect with nature at the Yoga deck. Live inspired

Well-equipped gymnasium. Live active

Cycling, jogging, reflexology walk. Keep walking

Roof-top tennis, sculpture court, half-court basketball, yoga

Life is beyond the 9am to 7pm routine. So while planning our 3bhk deluxe flats in Kukatpally, we got into your professional shoes. We came up with a list of leisure amenities to make a perfect “work-life-leisure balance” to undo your professional stress.










There are a few real estate players who may offer regular essential amenities as premium amenities. Your family’s wellbeing is a priority for us.

Medicine at home, just outside the door

ATMs :
Any time cash

Shop till you drop

Eagle eye protection

Built to last

While building our 3bhk luxury apartments at Kukatpally, we thought of elevating your lifestyle to a new height.

Relax in the serenity of natural healing POOL DECK,

Dining out food experiences, just outside the door

Chill out in the water tub

We were sure to make the packaging of our 3bhk luxury flats in Kukatpally a treat to admire at. So, apart from the premium quality of construction material which are cemented or painted within, we went generous with the outer beauty, the overall landscape of our luxurious site.

Nature is the future

Bloom with the nature

Your children are one of the most cherished assets. Would you compromise with their future? No? Even we didn’t. So while building the 3bhk premium luxury homes in Kukatpally, Hyderabad, we left no stones unturned.




Our parents are the priceless shadow under which we bloom with happiness. With our 3bhk luxury flats in Kukatpally, we paid a tribute to this senior citizen class with a host of amenities to bring rest and pleasure in their lives.



Life is much more than hours of professional rat race. Don’t you need a place to chill, unwind, stay put and let your hair down. That’s why while designing our 3bhk luxury flats in Kukatpally, Hyderabad we were at our chilling best.










Someone rightly said, “Life lies beneath the sky. We could not disagree. So while constructing our 3bhk luxurious flats in Kukatpally, we went one after the other.













There are more to say, express and impress you with. There are more interesting anecdotes and testimonials to confess. Can we meet over tea? Let’s hear your wish list for 3bhk luxurious home at Kukatpally. We are sure; you will unlock your dream home with the keys at Marina Skies- where sky is not the limit for amenities.

Homes Like Never Before

A look at how our houses and apartments have changed in the recent years

Ever wonder how fast the faces of urban neighbourhoods are changing? Today, if you take a round of the proverbial mile-around-your-home, chances are you will come across ten different architectural styles of seven different origins. The so called Indian-urban has always been a potpourri of European, South Asian and of course, Middle Eastern styles. Now it’s getting even more fabulous. Here’s a quick look at the how and why.

Mr Corbusier – The man who changed everything

Practically, all of it goes back to the French-Swiss maestro of modern architecture, Le Corbusier. His Five Points changed the face of cities around the world, and this country is no exception. In fact, we were amongst the first to admire and adapt to what he was doing. Chandigarh was designed in its entirety by him, and went on to be hailed as the best planned city in the subcontinent. Great architects change the course of modern living.

Today, at Cybercity, we are keeping that tradition alive by involving master architects like Hafeez Contractor in the designing of our landmark residences, such as Marina Skies.

So what were the famous five points? Well, to put in a nutshell, Corbusier's five points were about space-managing in an ever crowding urban scape. He said, let’s free up the spaces by putting buildings on pillars instead of walls, let’s keep the ground floor free for all purposes, let’s change the walls into facades, and so on and so forth. Now, what does it all mean? Here goes…

We went from windows to wow-walls

Notice how the windows these days are sliding ones? From the Venetian blinds of colonial times and the Long Street types of the late thirties, we have come a long way. These days, buildings are designed to welcome more light and air so the interiors stay healthier. Floor to ceiling windows are not just façade fashion: they are a modern day architectural achievement made possible because walls are no longer the support for the entire building, and hence, don’t need to be made solid.

Commercial meets residential now

In more and more modern day apartment houses you will find open ended wet and dry kitchens, terrace pools and open air lounges. What this trend brings forth is the marriage of commercial and residential styles. What used to be the favourite space enhancing techniques of restaurants and IKEA stores is now the hot trend of high-rise bedrooms. Less interior walls, more sliding glass, more space, more liveliness... And it works, because one reason we love the commercial places such as furniture showrooms, is because they are arranged in a lovely manner with all the stuff we have in our homes: so why not steal the trick and arrange homes that way?

Energy saving efficiency

Once, buildings were made with plenty of wiring and wall cabinet support to have space and arrangement for ACs. Now, we see and do it another way. Now we are more conscious about the environment, and we are committed to leave a tinier carbon footprint. Hence, we now strive for greener architecture. Instead of having walls with AC ventilators, we now have walls with creepers and false facades and rainwater harvesting systems underground. Same goes with the roofs. Once it was Malabar tiles. Now, we have a trend of rooftop gardens and mini forests. The buildings are being crafted to blend better to the environment. To utilize more daylight. To heat less. To carry their own insulation. The rising use of Blackstone is a good example of this earth consciousness in the kitchen.

From gardens to garages

All in all, the idea that modern day housing for humans has to be more tomorrow-aware and today-smart has caught up with us. We have RFID parking and water resilient grass work on lawns now. And that’s just two attributes we have named. There are plenty more, which make for the fancy Balinese, Mediterranean and other names that you witness on brochures these days.

High rises themselves are a great step towards conservation of space and opening up views that were once unavailable to kings. The Nizam never relaxed with a coffee, looking at bustling Hyderabad from a thirty storey balcony.

Until later

Those were a few of the emerging and popular trends in modern housing market for you. It remains to be seen how the next decade unfolds. We are sure there will be more changes under way as new innovations and ideas make their entry. You can be assured we will be at the frontline, bringing them to you. Until later, then...

Latest home interior trends

2017 is a year of several changes and new beginnings, as we explore the new Pantone of The Year, and the direction that architecture takes, incorporating sustainable materials and smart technology. We have compiled some of the most interesting décor trends from around the world for you to get an idea of what the future holds for interior designing.


2017 seems to be the year of returning to nature, as the Pantone for the year was announced to be “Greenery”. And we find the trend catching up in interior décor in engaging and vitalizing ways. Greenery soothes the ambience, and works really well with warm wood tones and soft lighting. Tip: Greenery is a colour best used to highlight, and not overpower. Pair it with white or pastels to suffuse the overall look with a crisp warmth.

However, what adds the charm of nature are the materials. Natural materials like terracotta, cork and clay are irresistible, as the well-researched practice of using these materials dates back to ancient times, and adds gravity to any home. Terracotta, on one hand, cools the house down, and adds the perfect earthy touch to the coziness of a home. On the other hand, the iron-rich terracotta brings to mind tropical cultures like the Mediterranean and Spanish, depending on how it is incorporated into the décor. Mostly, it is used as it is, but it can also be glazed to make it fit a more modern décor.

Cork, one of the most versatile and ecologically beneficial materials, is fast becoming a favourite with several interior designers as they bank on its green aspects (sustainability and renewability) and its raw, timeless appeal.

To those not familiar with interior décor, clay has proven its worth not just to accessorize a home space, but to add character in the form of well-designed walls. Apart from that, clay is cheap, durable and porous, allowing for a natural temperature regulation.


With the advent of the Smart Age, every aspect of our lives is being integrated with each other to form smarter, sleeker and extremely efficient alternatives. Minimalism is the name of the game, and modernists who look to reflect this in their homes have a great year ahead.

Of the many modern decor trends, voice activated assistants are the biggest innovation of the decade. After Google Home, every major tech giant is jumping on the bandwagon to usher in the first stages of automating homes, as other fixtures and functions of the house are being designed for integration into the voice assistant.

Metal has always stood for the future in all its avatars, from burnished to brushed. The latest trend deviates from the chrome to black stainless metal, which can be the entire theme of your home, or be restricted to just a home system cabinet.

In this wave of modernism, even kitchens have participated liberally, as the concept of hardworking kitchen storage walls has been introduced. The idea is to clear more room in the kitchen by confining all storage to a single, smart wall cupboard. Another practice catching on is the incorporation of counter-depth fridges, which clear up space, and add a stream-lining effect to the overall look of the kitchen.


Without the AC, by the way.

Summer has turned on its heat volume, and it’s going to hit max in the coming months. Whoops. Bad news. Okay, so apart from the usual cool colada and the buttermilk that everyone knows of, what other cool stuff can you do to beat the heat? Specially at home? Everyone can turn the AC to make it feel like Bangalore. While that’s cool in your home, it’s not a cool idea when thought of in terms of environment and sustainability. So how about checking out some greener, more responsible alternatives?

The basic idea here is to stop your interiors form absorbing heat in excess. That brings us to the question, how to prevent the surfaces like roofs, walls and windows from letting in the sun’s angry rays? Here’s a quick look at ten cool hacks that will get you through the summer in style.

Green Roof your home:
Green roofing your home is one of the best urban cooling tricks. If yours is an independent house, do a rooftop garden of kitchen plants and flower beds such as zinnia and O’ Clocks. Not only will the plants bear the occasional lemon and chilli, your roof will have a flowery bloom to show off as well. Green Roofing goes for apartments as well. The effort here is a community effort, a common gardening activity which can be made fun and joyful.

Don’t burn the gas:
This one is evident, but not that easy. Obviously, the less you fire cook indoors, the cooler your home will be. What you can do is try and reduce the high flame cooking during the summer months, and use the induction cooker more often. Try and have salads and juices as dinner. [We know your stomach is already growling, but believe us, ten days on, you yourself will much cooler inside, as will your home.].

Cover them up:
As long as you don’t have an underground house with garden on the top, you can at least drape up your windows. Normally, we’d drape with synthetic slits and silk curtains. They don’t do much in the way of keeping heat out. So drape with dried leaf woven rugs and mats. These awesome covers not only shield the rays, they can also be watered down from time to time, to give off that cool vapour.

Water, water everywhere:
Why do you think glamorous hotels have flower tumblers in the lobby? Fragrance, yes. But another idea is that water is an excellent absorber of indoor heat. Ever notice how the lakeside is always cool? Even in the glaring midday? Ancient hotels used to use the trick of having flower baths in lobbies. Modern hotels have conditioning, but the tradition has lived on.

Change the lights:
This may sound a bit expensive, but it isn’t, really. Just change all CFLs and LEDs in your home and switch to softer argon tubes and lampshades and you will feel the difference immediately. The inert gas lights give off far less heat as compared to other white lights used indoors, and help the home stay cool.

So that’s for now, folks: 5 tips to cool down the home without using the AC. Hope you have fun trying the tricks. Until later…

Hyderabad scores a Hattrick!

Safety, friendliness, a booming future, a rich heritage and a richer cuisine - these don’t adequately describe Hyderabad, India’s top-ranked city for the third time according to the Mercer 2017 Quality of Living Index. Yet, these aspects make for the greatness of the City of Nizams. Ranked 144 on the list of most livable cities, Hyderabad has outstripped other Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru yet again.

With its 400-year heritage of being a commercial capital, the city has established a rich culture. This is most likely due to the harmony and balance between the old and new parts of Hyderabad, coexisting and contributing to the complex character of the city. This preservation of its heritage is evident in the pristine conditions of the old streets, markets, palaces and monuments, which contributes to the significant tourism Hyderabad garners for Telangana.

In recent years, Hyderabad has unsurprisingly been rapidly catching up with major metro cities in India. This can be attributed to the great infrastructure, easy accessibility, advanced planning and meticulous law enforcement. Hence, the recent IT boom in Hyderabad has ensured that the capital city has a shining future ahead. With international companies like Bank of America, Accenture, Microsoft, Deloitte, Facebook, Motorola and Google establishing themselves here, the stage is set for Hyderabad to enter the global marketplace in a grand manner.

Even with the formation of Telangana in 2014, Hyderabad was negotiated to remain the capital of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for a period of ten years at least, due to its rich growth potential. For this potential, the cost of living is remarkably low, and accommodation is abundant. However, just as it is with any rapidly growing city, this may not last long, and the ROI on real estate in this city is already beginning its climb on an exponential rise in valuation.

But the greatest plus about Hyderabad is the fact that, despite its cosmopolitan ambitions and growth, the city extends a lovely ambience to visitors and residents alike. The warmth and the old world charm, conveyed in the characteristic Hyderabad lingo of a mix of Telugu, Hindi and Urdu, make for one of the happiest cities in the country. Consequently, crime rates are significantly lower than other metro cities, and this does not seem likely to change in the long run. In short, kudos to the centuries-old city for continuing to shine brightly in every way!

Gated Community – More than just a fad…

Why gated communities? What is so special about them? Why prefer a home in a gated community than anywhere else in city?

These are some questions our residents once asked us. These are questions that reveal the best things about any gated community. So here they are: the answers, and some perspective on how they matter. Here’s a quick look at the many blisses of gated communities.

The focus now

Gated communities were a rising novelty once. The focus now is different. As builders, we are looking further and planning bigger now. The focus is not on isolated residences. The objective now is to develop habitats. Complete with sustainable features and amenities that go beyond the usual.

The big picture

They say you can’t choose the whole world. Well, they are wrong.

In a gated community, you get to choose the whole neighbourhood. Imagine that. It’s not just your home that you select. You choose entire neighbourhoods. You decide where to stay, what kind of nature and urban balance you like, what kind of facilities you want on campus… This is the big picture. With a gated community, you don’t buy a house. You buy a whole part of town. Sometimes, entire cities. There are gated communities that offer villas exclusively. There are the ones that offer a mix of apartments and row houses. There are communities themed on exotic natural settings. There are ones themed on leisure and calm. You never get these many choices with an isolated apartment or house.

In, and also out.

Right at the heart of the happening city, gated communities offer the charm of country living. You have Balinese villas, Lakeside Luxury high rises, Continental architectures, so on and so forth. Gated communities are essentially mini cities built from the first block with a plan in hand, so you can expect all those fabulous choices. With isolated homes, you cannot. Pollution, crowd and depleted public infrastructure never bother you in a gated community. Water, power, greenery and space problems are no longer yours.

Today and tomorrow.

Gated communities offer sustainable habitats. That’s the best thing they offer. Since these are habitats build from well thought out plans, unlike most cities that just grew out of random socioeconomic shifts, gated communities are future ready. And this reflects in your ROI. It is always more lucrative to revalue a piece of property that sits in a prim gated community than an isolated one that hangs by itself in some neighbourhood. Also, neighbourhoods change. You have no control on how your neighbourhood will change in five years. But with a gated community, you know that central park of yours will be there forever. It won’t be gulped by a shopping mall. This control over the future is a great thing that only gated communities can offer.

Community is the core.

Community is the best part of gated communities. You have people from all over. Since gated communities are most popular in metropolises, you get a healthy and vibrant mix of cultures. Children grow up with better sense of community and people have a richer life. Also, the question of security is never an issue in a gated community. It’s an abode of celebrations and jubilations.

That was a bit to ready you about gated community living. Enjoy your weekend. Ciao for now.

Mom, I cleared my room

Said no kid ever. Period.

In the history of homemaking, there has been no topic as loved first and as hated later as straightening up your kids’ room. It begins all fuzzy and easy: You’ve moved into a new home, life is all jingles right now, maybe you’re having a kid, or redoing the room your little one has.

Jump forward a couple of years and it’s a mess of crayons, books, clothes and chocolate wafers. While the internet is smothered with “luvlysh” kids room pictures, the room of your bundle of joy doesn’t look that way.

Despair not. This time around, we bring you five easy tips of adding that fairy glitz to your kids’ room, in a way that brings back the fun of doing it.


Well, not “them”. We meant Chinese lanterns. We also mean hangers for clothes. Wardrobes are worthless as far as children are concerned. They don’t have time to fold up their clothes and arrange them on shelves. They are going to throw all of it in and shut the door. And the next thing you know is it’s a smelly room. Not to mention the missing school tie at nine o clock in the morning, when the bus is about to leave.

So hang them. Get them plenty of hangers and a place to hang them from, instead of installing the customary wooden wardrobe on the wall. Hanging is easier. Finding stuff that’s right before your eyes is easier. And it’s all out in the air: so no smell


The “my box” concept isn’t a property of workplaces seen in American movies. Use the idea. Get your child a big cardboard box and say goodbye to the “mom, have you seen my purple pencil?” headaches. Tables are good for working. Not for keeping stuff organised, especially if that stuff is some three legged cartoon figure a seven year old won’t sleep without. Give them their box. No neat packing, just good-old “throw in in and it will stay there” box. Plus, now you don’t have stuff lying on the floor so no tripping and cursing.


Again, not the kids. The walls. They are going to doodle on it anyway, so why bother? And why should your kids have all the fun? It’s your home as well, isn’t it? So take up the crayons, the paint, the stickers, the posters, the what-have-you… and hit the wall. Take the kid along. See what she likes. You will be surprised. Once the doodles on the wall are not punishable offence, the disobedience-forfun angle will vaporise and your child will become most careful of what goes on the wall of her room. She’ll consider if it is looking good. She’ll even ask for a wipe on Sundays to keep the Moana poster clean.


Yes we are talking of the kids this time. Just don’t serve food in their room. That’s it. If they want to eat, they’ll have to come to the dinner table. No room service at home. Not only will this erase your “stain on the bed sheet again” worries, it will also create a family bonding that you will cherish in the long run.


What’s parenting without a little bossing to spice things up? Every now and then, make it a point of saying “off to your room”. Not harshly though. We aren’t advising being harsh anyway. What we are advising is playing a neat trick. If small mischief is punished not by shouting, but by exile to their own room, children tend to see their room as their stronghold and private space. That makes them take notice of their surroundings better. It makes them create a private world out of a room. Imagination blooms. Remember, all your promises of taking on the world were made sitting in your own room. Let your kid realise the strength of the “my room” concept.

Adieu till next time.